Welcome to the Tedy's Team Fundraising Website. 

The mission of Tedy's Team is to raise awareness for stroke and heart disease while supporting survivors on their journey, giving them a means for a comeback!

Tedy's Team was originally founded in 2005, when Tedy Bruschi, former linebacker for the New England Patriots suffered a stroke shortly after winning his 3rd Super Bowl and just days after returning from his first Pro Bowl. 

Tedy's Team participates in the Boston Marathon, Falmouth Road Race, and this past year's travel event was Duke City Race Weekend in New Mexico!

We are honored to be part of the Offical Charity Program of the Boston Marathon and the Numbers for NonProfits Program at the New Balance Falmouth Road Race for 15 years. The Boston Athletic Association and the NBFRR have allowed us to utilize their platforms to elevate the awarenss of the warning signs of stroke, which are best remembered by using the acronym BE FAST, which stands for: 

  • Balance Difficulties
  • Eyesight Changes
  • Face Drooping
  • Arm Weakness
  • Speech Difficulties - and if you notice any of those warning signs, it's...
  • TIME TO CALL 9-1-1.

Thank you for visiting our page. 

Should you every have any questions, please reach out to Elizabeth@TedysTeam.org. Please note that all donations to Tedy's Team are 100% non-refundable and